Action Factory is a small charity and we work hard to bring in funding through grant applications.

We are happy to receive donations large or small to supplement this income. We will be adding a button soon to enable you to give through paypal or some other method.

We welcome cheques made out to Action Factory Community Arts Ltd.


Action Factory currently has some projects in the pipeline for which it is looking for funding.
  1. We would like to develop a project with the deaf community, using deaf artists to develop work as the participants and artist feel they want to go.
  2. We are teamed with a community in Burnley to explore the heritage of the earliest part of that town. The community presently living there have a diverse heritage and we would also like to incorporate the canal and its industry into this project.
  3. We would like to find funding to continue the work we have started with the Community Living Room.
  4. We are looking for funding to help us with the NT500 project that Darwen Youth Theatre is involved in.