Nudrat Mughal

Nudrat Mughal studied at Liverpool John Moores, gaining a BA Hons in Broadcasting, Film and Communications. She has since worked with Culturapedia as Rural Arts Network Support Worker. She has also been involved in the work at Wesley Hall. She has a BTEC in Textiles Art. She brings her experience in film, and textiles to anything she gets involved in. She leads film, craft, music, writing, and textile sessions for schools, libraries, community groups, festivals, etc. 

Nudrat has been developing projects that create harmony within communities, provide people with life skills, and help them in their personal development. She is passionate about using the arts as a form of communication, and generating positivity.

She has partnered with various organisations to develop creative projects for young people in particular. She has experience of managing projects for various community groups, and is keen to work collaboratively with other organisations.

Very much a community person, she is a director of YMCA and enthusiastic to get involved in all kinds of creative projects.

“I have always enjoyed working on creative projects where I get to problem solve and explore ideas, and Action Factory allows me to do that. It’s the perfect environment for anyone who is passionate about arts, and culture”. 

Nudrat can be contacted at: